The impact of a homeowner's associations on your dream home.

Should you buy a home with a homeowner’s association? Is it really worth it? There are several types of homeowner’s associations you can be involved in depending on the development that you’re in.

If you have a condo, villa, or townhouse, you will have a homeowner’s association. If you buy a home, you’ve got some options. The purpose of a homeowner’s association is to make sure the value of your home stays high. They regulate things like yard maintenance, exterior appearances, and more, to prevent properties from becoming eyesores.

Homeowner’s associations provide some value by making sure that everyone follows a set of rules and regulations. They are managed through a board, which is an elected group of people who typically live in that development. It’s important to know who your board is so that you can be part of any future changes in your development. They regulate aspects such as what you can put in your yard, weeds, and more.

“The purpose of a homeowner’s association is to make sure the value of your home stays high.”

For townhouses, they also regulate exterior changes like door painting and outdoor plants. In a condo, you don’t have access to the land, but they’ll regulate parking. In a villa, they take care of your yard and mowing, but also regulate the type of door and screened-in porch you can have.

It’s important to be involved with your homeowner’s association, get to know the rules and regulations, and be a part of any future developments and changes. If you are trying to decide if a homeowner’s association is right for you when buying a home, call or email me. I’m here to answer any of your real estate questions.