Here’s why homeowners tend to avoid listing during the holidays.

Thinking about selling your home during the holidays? You might be under the impression that it’s a bad time, but there’s an opportunity for home sellers to create a little magic this time of year. A lot is going on during the holidays. You have family coming into town, decorations are up, and there may not be a ton of buyers looking because they’re busy too. 

However, consider that people tend to have a lot more time off this time of year and many of them are focusing on their priorities, which would include buying a home. While it’s true that there aren’t as many buyers in the market this time of year, the buyers that are out there are serious.

“This time of year inspires people to think outside their comfort zone.”

Another one of your concerns may be having to move during the holidays. In truth, selling now means you won’t have to move until the new year. You’ll be able to pack up your holiday decorations as you’re ready to move.

If you’re worried about clutter, here’s what I would say: Let’s not forget the emotions that Christmas decorations invoke in people. This time of year inspires people to think outside their normal thought patterns, and that’s where we have a little holiday home-selling magic. Decorations can generate an emotional response that leads to you selling your home for a great price, and you won’t have to move out until everyone has gone home.

If you have any questions about selling your home during the holidays, how the process works, or real estate in general, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. Serious buyers are ready to see your home today.