The five best upgrades to focus on when updating your home this year.

Today I’m here to talk about upgrades you might want to consider in your home, whether you’re selling or you just want to enjoy it more for yourself. Whether 2023 is your year to sell or not, here are a few things to consider: 

1. Make sure the front door is fresh. This makes the best first impression of what’s on the other side of the door. You don’t need to drastically change colors to match whatever is modern, but just keep the paint fresh and updated. Also, a crystal clear storm door tells a buyer that your house has been very well taken care of. 

2. Keep the walls and flooring clean. The inside of your house is like a picture frame. While the details inside will stick out, so is the frame—and by this, I mean the walls and flooring. Are those things fresh? Is your carpet worn out and stained? One big thing to note is that most people love having solid flooring instead like vinyl plank, laminate, hardwood, etc. This will also help you keep it clean and make it last longer.

“Cleanliness shows buyers that you have taken good care of the home.”

3. Update the light fixture and hardware in the kitchen. Don’t dismiss the power of a light fixture, as it is sometimes the most affordable path to brightening your kitchen. Then the same is true with hardware—many people want to focus on their cabinets, but you can make your kitchen look updated just by changing the hardware. Then, don’t forget that cleanliness matters, so wipe down your sink, stove, refrigerator, and microwave so they’re all free of fingerprints. 

4. Update the light fixture and vanity in the bathroom. If those items are outdated, replacing them can be easy and affordable. For example, you could paint the vanity to make it look fresh. Plus, if the lighting is good, that will help everything else in the bathroom look better. 

5. Remember that cleanliness matters. This is especially true if you’re going to sell. A clutter-free home shows buyers that you take care of the home, which is important. They’ll see that you’re organized enough to take care of the details like the furnace and air conditioner. 

Since we are persevering through the season of cold weather and we’re stuck inside, this could be a great time to focus on your home and give it the updates that it needs, whether it’s to help you sell or just for your own visual pleasure. If you have any questions, know that you can call or email us anytime! We can also help you come up with more ideas for upgrades and improvements that would get you the most money for your home if you decide 2023 is the year to change your address.