Introducing Jesse Gippo, a brand new addition to our real estate team.

Today we’re joined by Jesse Gippo, a new agent on our team. He’ll bring a ton of value to our organization, and we can’t wait to introduce him to you today.

“Other than your past experience in sales and business, is there anything that gives you a unique skill in real estate?”

I think there are two things that give me some unique skills. I played hockey at a high level in college on the east coast. Being part of a team is very important; you have to know your role but not be afraid to do things on your own. I’m a team player.

Also, I think being a veteran has a lot to do with my identity. I served as a minesweeper during Desert Storm. I always keep my eyes open and stay aware of my space.

“We couldn’t be more proud to have Jesse on our team.”

“What’s the No. 1 thing you’d like to accomplish in real estate?”

I want to help a lot of people. I want to help people find their dream home, somewhere that’s special for them. I want to feel like I matter and belong. When you look at houses, you can sometimes just tell that a space doesn’t fit the buyers. I want to help people find something that fits who they are.

I don’t feel like I’m working when I’m showing people houses. Sure, I have to do a ton of research and know the neighborhoods, but for the most part, I’m showing someone a house, getting to know them, and having fun.

“How can people get a hold of you?”

My phone is probably the best way; my number is (314) 641-9720. You can also email me (but I don’t check it often enough) at Smoke signals also work. 

We couldn’t be more proud to have Jesse on our team. If you have any questions about Jesse or real estate in general, feel free to call or email us. We would love to help.