Why it’s best to have an agent represent you when buying a new home.

Today, we’re here to talk to everyone considering buying a new-construction house—do you know why you need an agent to represent you? Many people make the mistake of thinking they can go into the process alone because there’s a sales agent involved. However, that agent is working for the builder, not for you. Building a house is a lot of work, and there are a lot of moving parts throughout the process, so it’s important that your needs and desires are represented and communicated. 

We’ve had the pleasure of helping several families through this process, so we know some builders like to start without telling you what’s going on and what to expect. You don’t want to be left in the dark; an agent can help you avoid that. Also, a great builder will sit down and talk to you about what to expect and when to expect it. If you have an agent, they can make sure the builder does exactly what they say they will do.

“You need an agent to represent and communicate your needs and desires.”

Throughout the process of building and buying a new-construction home, you should have the opportunity to do a low voltage meeting, as well as meet before construction starts, before the drywall is put in, and at least two to three weeks before closing. Lastly, you should have the time to send an objective, independent inspector. 

Many people don’t think about getting an inspection because it’s a new house. However, this new house was built by humans, and humans make mistakes. It’s not intentional, but people get in a hurry, and sometimes things are forgotten. A third-party inspector can help you catch things like if the appliances are working well, if anything is leaking, and even if the hinges are on correctly. Then when you move in, you can know that all the details are taken care of. 

Then before closing, walk through the house to make sure every little nick in the paint or ding in the wall is fixed. The house is new, so you want it to feel and look that way. Overall, just make sure you don’t go through the process alone. If you need an agent, we would love to help you, just call or email us anytime. We hope to hear from you soon!